M Lightwood – Sheffield

M Lightwood – Sheffield

I have had light treatment administered through the hospital for more years than I can remember as it is the only treatment that really works for me. My annual trip to the hospital has become both a ritual and something I dread every year. In the past I have tried to locate a company who provide home hire UVB but never came across anyone. I heard about Anytime UVB through a friend who had recently hired a unit and was very positive about the experience. After finding the company online, and reading the customer case studies and reviews I decided to give it a try. I must admit I was extremely apprehensive but the thought of my annual trip to the hospital quickly pushed me to take a leap of faith.


There wasnt a UVB unit available when I contacted them as they were all out on hire, so I had to wait 3 weeks before one was available. Still, much faster than the hospital process. The unit was very easy to use and the pre set up / user demonstration was very thorough. Although I know the light treatment procedure back to front after all these years, it was reassuring to hear the same things being reiterated. Listen very carefully to everything explained as thIs is paramount to the success and effectiveness of your treatment. I would also recommend to anyone using a unit to read the UVB Do’s & Dont sheet and fill in the treatment log before and after each treatment. A routine will focus your mind and ensure no little mistakes are made such as removing all make up and ensuring you have not put anything on your skin prior to using the unit, trust me silly little mistakes can easily be made.


I have olive skin and normally build my treatment times up to over 5 minutes in hospital but I was advised to start at the lowest time of 15 seconds and increase by 10 seconds each treatment. This limits the chances of over exposure and having to re adjust your treatment schedule. I can confirm the tubes are Philips bulbs as they produced exactly the same results for me as my hospital treatment has, in previous treatments. I am now completely psoriasis free after only an eight week course, which is extra satisfying as I usually have between an eight & ten week course of light treatment. I can only put this down to the whole process being so much more convenient and less stressful. The thought of never having to go through the hospital process again was quite overwhelming for me and has literally given me a new lease of life. That might sound dramatic but anyone suffering with psoriasis and used to hospital light treatment you will know exactly what I mean.


Light treatment through a Hospital does have the advantage of it being administered under medical supervision and via a booth which delivers light all around you, against a canopy which you have to expose front and then back. But the positives of my home treatment experience far outweigh the hospital route for me. Follow the guide lines provided and theres very little that can go wrong from my experience. I have over exposed at hospital several times which just results in a time reduction or cancellation of your next treatment. I would have no hesitation in recommending Anytime UVB, in the unit they provide or the service they delivered and will definitely be using them again in the future. Thank You.

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