An effective treatment for psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema & other skin diseases
A safer alternative to biologic drugs
Medically proven to work faster
A treatment that fits easily into your daily schedule

Phototherapy is Safer

Narrowband UVB phototherapy is considered a first-line treatment for many conditions such as psoriasis, vitiligo and eczema, is safe enough for pregnant women and children to use, and has none of the serious side effects associated with competing biological drug therapies.

Phototherapy Works Faster

For psoriasis, Narrowband Phototherapy have median clearance times of only 4-5 weeks. That means clearer skin twice as fast as other alternative treatments.

Phototherapy is Affordable & Extremely Practical

Home phototherapy treatments or the one-time cost of a home phototherapy unit, are reasonably priced and can work out cheaper when taking into consideration time / travelling costs to hospital for 8-10 weeks, car parking and time taken off for work.

Phototherapy is More Effective

For decades, statistics have shown consistently high rates of clearance for Narrowband UVB treatment.  In addition, patients who stop using phototherapy seldom suffer from the flare ups or rebounds that are common with other treatments.

Why Choose Anytime Home UVB?

Anytime Home UVB Ltd are the only suppliers of home hire phototherapy units in the South Yorkshire area. Delivered direct to your home, all our units are fitted with Philips TL01 high UVB tubes, the same tubes used in hospitals worldwide for the treatment of psoriasis and other skin conditions.


Read What our Customers Think

Many of our customers started their journey into home light treatment by visiting this website. It is understandable that new customers could be apprehensive about home treatment, so please take the time to read our customer case studies and reviews of previous customers who have chosen this route, to make sure Home UVB is the right choice for you. We also insist you speak to your doctor or dermatologist before starting a light treatment course to ensure you are not taking any medications